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Move Out Cleaning: End Up the Mess Now

Move Out Cleaning: End Up the Mess Now

Lost socks, dirty dishes, unmade bed, dusty shelves and dirty carpets. This is what your rented house looks like.

And if you feel ok with it, there is no problem no matter what. But even in this case, there comes a moment when the mess needs to be sorted out and some order has to be brought. This is the time when your rent agreement is ending and you have to leave this rented property and go to another one. And as you most probably know, you will have to pass an inspection beforehand that will check if the accommodation is brought back in perfect condition. And if it is not, then you will lose a significant amount of money – your security deposit. And this is surely not something you would like.

Therefore, you better take care of this cleaning in advance, following these simple steps Click To Tweet:


All your stuff together with all your little bits and pieces have to go into boxes. Then you need to label them so as to find things easier once you are at your new place. This task sounds easy but requires some previous sorting out and rearranging, so it takes more time than you expect. Be prepared.


When you have packed all your stuff, you need to transport them so as to empty the house and prepare it for the move out cleaning. Otherwise, the experts won’t be able to take care of the house.

The Move Out Cleaning

You have to plan it in advanced and hire one of the best end of tenancy cleaning companies in the United Kingdom. Only they will be able to cope with your mess and will perfect the house in minimal amount of time. Trust the experts.

The most relevant all-house clean-up is the winter one

The sun is still shining from time to time, but the air is getting colder, the nights more and more often windy and the rainy afternoons turn out to be everydayness. The summer has ended and soon the fall will come to an end as well and the nice season of gingerbread men, snowball fights and family time together is knocking on the door. Or how they say in one of the latest favourites: winter is coming. And no, we are not sad about it, because the melancholy of the autumn is replaced by the enthusiasm about Christmas and the new beginning that New Year would bring.winter-530907_960_720 And instead of mourning over the careless holidays in the middle of July, when we were chilling on an endless beach in the middle of nowhere, of that time of total tranquillity, we are spending more and more time at home, together, with the Christmas pyjamas on, cups of hot chocolate in hands and love in hearts. This time of the year is a paradise. Paradise, but not on the other side of the earth, but paradise at home. And instead of having to travel hours in planes and trains and so on, so to get there, you only need to go down the stairs. And what else you need to do? To make this same home the best place in the entire world. For this reason does this clean-up matter. But the winter cleaning turns out to be on the top of the list, as well.


Clutter means mess and you cannot have a nice, clean and well-organized home, which is messy as well. What else you cannot have is a nice chill-out, while on the floor of the entire living room piles of different things could be found. So start with the decluttering – remove all the stuff you barely use and arrange properly the ones that are total must-haves for this time like the blankets, cushions, the many mugs and festive kitchen ware and so on.

Clean deeply

After you have freed your home, you have to take care of it more deeply. And as the time you will be most at home is after this cleaning, it is a very good idea to trust the professionals. They will simply do better. The results will be stunning and you will be able to feel super nice, without having to scrub and polish every surface at home, wasting time and energy and efforts.

Make it cosy

Isn’t it winter all about cuddles and laughs and family time? Isn’t it Christmas all about board games and lunches and dinners, presents giving, home decorating and so on? It so is. For this reason you may spend some more money on things that will make your time at home an unforgettable one. Buy movies and decorations, nice bakes and teas. Everything needed for a night in. Because who said that in the coldness of a winter night, going out would be fun?

Choose Home Wisely and Remember These Tips

Choose Home Wisely and Remember These Tips

There are two types of people in this world. While some are too hasty while choosing a home and don’t pay attention to any of the details, others are just too demanding and are always unsatisfied.

But this life likes no extremes and you better find the balance. But where is it? Well, no matter whether you are looking for a house to rent or to buy, you need to be suspicious and precise. You need to look at those things that matter in one house because this is the place, which is soon to be your home. It is a place you will come after work every evening to. This is a place that will be your shelter and your savior. The one where you will have a heart full of joy and the one where you will be spending nights crying on the floor. It is all of it. And it matters. It is neither your dorm room, nor your hotel room. It is your home and you need to choose it wisely, looking at these.

Location, Largeness and Light

No doubt you need to start with the location. In the different stages of life, people need houses in different places. So first of all you need to find out where you want to live right now. Do you want to go to a lovely big house in the suburbs or you want to live in a tiny little flat right above that lovely café in the city center and 10 minutes away from your workplace? You need to answer this question first. And then everything else follows. Too often the location and the largeness are too closely connected and the places offered in the city center are never too big. But there is another thing you need to look for. You surely don’t like living in a dark place, but these days especially in London too many houses have bedrooms or living rooms in the basement.

Well, the light matters – for you well-being, your health and your emotions. Think about it. Click To Tweet

The Furniture

Very often while house hunting you see the houses and apartments totally unfurnished especially the ones you are buying. And this may be tricky, because you walk into a room and it seems perfectly nice for you, but you never think of what would you use it for and how exactly. Yeah, this would be kid’s room, but is there enough space for two beds and two desks? When you are choosing a house, you undoubtedly need to think of the way you will furnish it.

The Cleaning

Well, this one is for sure the last thing you think of while house hunting. Most probably you have just performed an end of tenancy cleaning and you want to forget about it as soon as possible as this is not the most pleasant task. However, if you never consider how would you clean this housem you may suffer later.